Now’s the time to renovate!

But, why is it taking so long For homeowners To Create A New Look In Their Home?

Customer Paint Shaker cabinets from Highland Cabinetry Colorado
Customer Painted Shaker cabinets from Highland Cabinetry Colorado

Waiting for anything is cumbersome, especially when there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. That’s why we’re telling you these tips so you can at least know about what to expect.

In this post, you’ll find out why most cabinet suppliers take so long to get new cabinets and what’s causing it to slow down so much. Then we’ll tell you how to get them FASTER!

Time is Money – NOT!

Patience is a virtue. True. But let’s be real. When you pay good money for products and services up front, you expect speedy fulfillment and quality products. But the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows… especially when it comes to home renovations.

When beginning a renovation project, especially around the Kitchen or Bath area where plumbing and gas hook-up are involved, its NOT going to be an in-and-out remodel. Why? Materials of course!! Sure, contractors and sub-contractors alike will do their absolute best to stick to an estimated project timeline but when it comes down to it, they are at the mercy of the availability of products and building materials for them to use. And in all honesty, hardware, flooring, cabinets, countertops, tile and glass all take time. But what comes first from that list of just have’s? Next to flooring. Cabinets are a must have asap for any project.

So lets zero in on the main focal point of most renovations… storage, or Cabinets!! Kitchen, bathroom, laundry, mud rooms, panties, entertainment centers, dens, bars, powder rooms and closets all need storage. These days, the average cabinets supplier is 10-12 weeks lead time, if not more. YIKES!

Two-Tone kitchen cabinets from Highland Cabinetry Colorado
Two-Tone kitchen cabinets from Highland Cabinetry Colorado

Why is that? Here’s what we found out:

How Long It Takes To Get Cabinets

While it on average (pre-pandemic averages) takes 4 to 5 weeks to get cabinets, right now it’s taking about 10 to 12 weeks from most suppliers in the Unites States. It’s also taking way longer to get fittings and other simple supplies. They’re out of stock and the rest are on backorder.

Why Cabinets and Parts Are Taking So Long To Arrive

Semi Tractor Trailor
Semi Tractor Trailer



Demand. The demand for remodeling has skyrocketed. People are spending more time at home and less going out. They want to make the space they spend the most time in a great one. But, since everyone’s doing it, there are several hiccups.

Production. Due to the pandemic, production lines started slowing down. Factories had to keep to distancing standards, which meant fewer workers to manufacture and source quality materials. Things have gotten better over the past 12 months and the waiting gave way for more production of product and a shift in focus to be more on transportation.

Transportation. Overseas transportation had slowed way down for some imported products but not all. Products imported from places other than China seem to fare far better. During the Pandemic, the ports had to cut back production and workers which meant fewer people to sort through the stock and fewer drivers to truck the product.

Shipping containers. At some point there was a shortage of these because most were sitting in port waiting for processing but things have eased some. Talks of strikes and fewer truck drivers being available to transport them can be a cause for worry with some products but not all.

For items made or assembled in America, it’s mostly an issue with high demand and slow acquisition of product. If you eliminate the slow acquisition of products, then everything changes for the better.

Now, here’s what you need to look for in a Cabinet Supplier:

To combat the issues listed above, contractors, builders, realtors, flippers, and installers all across the county should seek out a cabinet supplier who can take on the challenge of supplying high-quality, ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets to job sites as fast as possible. Custom cabinets take far longer to obtain and can hold up jobs for months and months. Source cabinets that will help you keep your jobs on schedule and still look custom, modern and timeless. Look for companies that work directly with manufacturers and can move large quantities of inventory swiftly and efficiently.

  • Does the company you are interested in work regularly with large manufacturers?
  • Look for a company that can get RTA Shaker Cabinets ready to ship out in days, not weeks.
  • Do they have Frameless Options Available too?
  • Do they offer Free or affordable 3D Design Services?
  • Do they offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Do they offer bulk pricing (containers, multi-family projects)

Once you find you a supplier that can meet all those needs, sign up quickly with them. Most of the time its risk-free to become a wholesale purchaser. Find a company that puts you first and has an exceptional onboarding experience for new customers.

Research goes a long way. But if you are strapped for time, start here: Become a Wholesale Dealer.


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