How Do You Make Use Of Your Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the ultimate favorite of the family. It is where you experiment on some of the recipes that you have gathered from the internet, cookbooks, and friends. It is the place where you can bond with your kids and engage them on a few of your cupcake baking sessions. It is where you teach your kids to do a bit of the household chores such as washing the dishes. There are a lot of things to do at the kitchen. Once you are in there, it takes forever to leave.

The moment you step into this area, you see appliances and kitchen cabinets. These are cabinets that are designed to keep things tidy in the kitchen. If you are fond of cooking and baking, you would want a kitchen that is organized. It is frustrating to look for the measuring cups and spoons, or to look for the spices, when you are in a rush to cook dinner for an unexpected visitor.  Hence, all of your kitchen stuff should be put in your kitchen cabinets.

So, how do you do this? You need to identify which stuff goes to the cabinets below:

  • Pantry cabinets. This is the storage for the food stuff that you have purchased from the shop. Arrange the items according to its need and weight. The stuff that you usually use should be placed at the center so that you won’t have to look for it farther at the back. The heavy ones just close by. Keep the opened items in canisters or jars and label them, such as the cake ingredients to avoid confusion.
  • Wall or upper kitchen cabinets. The place for never been used or seldom used cookware, glassware, or dinnerware. These items that you use occasionally should be put in these cabinets. This is to avoid any untoward accidents from happening, since these items are fragile and highly valued.
  • Sink cabinets.  Located just under your sink. Makes the perfect storage for your dishwashing items like scrubbers, sponges and dishwashing liquids.
  • Open shelves cabinet. You can decorate your kitchen keeping the cabinets open and displaying your loveliest cookware on the shelves.
  • Base or lower cabinets. The ideal place for your pots and pans, and your bakeware.

As for your everyday drinking glasses, plates and utensils, you can put them in a deep drawer near your dishwasher. You can also choose a wall cabinet, that is, if it is not too high for you.  Having everything in order in the kitchen has a positive effect in your cooking ability. A clean and neat kitchen keeps your mind clearly focused on the food that you are cooking. As they say, the taste of your food depends on your mood for the day.



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