Overcoming Obstacles That Affect Project Timelines

April 21, 2023

With vast research, design, and comparison tools available on the internet, customers have more power than ever in locating and obtaining their dream home. This puts increased pressure on contractors to get the job done right the first time–on time and on budget–or risk losing business and getting crucified in online reviews. However, with skyrocketing material costs and labor shortages prevalent in the industry, it keeps getting harder and harder for contractors to meet these demands.

We have identified a detailed list of components necessary to get a construction project completed on budget and ahead of deadline. Following the construction journey from contract initiation and design to framing and HVAC, from installing vinyl shake siding to final closing, keep reading for a detailed analysis of ways to overcome obstacles that affect project timelines. 

Getting All of the Papers Signed

In countless scenarios, the project is ready to get started but the entire team gets stuck waiting around for the “okay” to start digging. Make no mistake, getting this right is a big deal, as beginning a project without being aware of all of the local building codes and having all legal paperwork in place can set a project back months or more. However, too many times, all of the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted, but breakdowns in communication and those “lost in translation” moments create unnecessary delays.

For this reason, we love keeping all members of the team in the loop by using innovative project management software that allows all necessary documents to be uploaded so all team members have instant access. When a permit is signed, it’s there for all to see. No waiting around for a phone call. Everyone is on the same page at all times. While there is no single best product for every use case, some of the best project management software for construction include Procore, Buildertrend, Smartsheet, RedTeam, Sage, and Autodesk.

Sourcing Materials Affordably

The rise in material costs is no secret in the industry. It’s honestly the top concern right now and has broken countless project budgets and delayed timelines like no other. Too many projects are getting paused because challenging last-minute delivery scenarios are leaving materials stuck in a warehouse with no way to affordably get them to the work site.

Our ready-to-assemble cabinets eliminate so many of the moving parts that cause too many projects to bog down. Our RTA cabinets are delivered at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time as our competitors, and we are actively seeking partnerships in the industry with similar efficiencies in material sourcing to keep project timelines on track.

Look Out for Construction Blockers

Blockers occur when tasks up the ladder are ready to go, but they can’t get started because a task down the ladder is behind. For example, your siding professionals are scheduled to go to work today, but they can’t do anything because the exterior wall insulation is not ready. Therefore, you end up having to reschedule your siding installation, which often is not as easy as having your provider come back once the insulation is ready. 

Many contractors are booked out months in advance, so if you miss your date, it creates additional blockers that completely wreck the schedule. Similar to the way out RTA cabinets free up valuable time, we recommend choosing materials that are not labor-intensive to help avoid construction blockers. In this scenario, it would be beneficial to look for types of insulation for exterior walls, such as rigid polyiso board, that goes up quickly to prevent delays in your siding contractors getting started.

Avoiding Staff Shortages

Like skyrocketing material costs, labor shortages are an acute issue plaguing the industry at the moment. There simply are not enough qualified workers in most parts of the country to get the job done on time. This has left many project managers turning to temp agencies and other sources of untrained labor to supply the human power necessary to get the work done. The downsides to this approach are evident.

Therefore, we recommend choosing innovative materials that are installed using smaller crews. For example, insulated concrete forms are easily locked in place on site and set using concrete, typically requiring a fraction of the machinery and human power necessary to frame a building as traditional wood panels. Lightweight composite roofing tiles are more easily installed with smaller crews than natural slate roofing. We love engineered quartz countertops because the solid, one-piece fabrication makes installation relatively quick and straightforward. 

At the end of the day, though, while choosing innovative materials is a great trick for lowering staffing requirements, you will still need the right people at the right time to get the job done right. This is why it is important to partner with providers that have recommendations on trusted contractors across all budgets to guarantee you get the work done on time. 

Preventing Rework Scenarios

A final obstacle to finishing projects on time is rework scenarios. Whether it be due to poor workmanship or not following plans correctly, rework can significantly break budgets and schedules. In most cases, rework arises due to a combination of the issues listed above, such as poor communication with team members, lack of skill by tradesmen, or quality/lead-time issues with materials. 

It is particularly prevalent when subdivisions and multi-family units are going up en masse and certain buildings have special plans that differ from their counterparts, such as builds that choose to add b decking to load-bearing roofs or below-grade insulation to the flooring substrate. Again, the best way to avoid rework scenarios is to use innovative project management software to facilitate work approvals and crew schedules and source easy-to-work-with materials to limit the chance of worker error.

Find the Right Professionals and Meet Every Deadline

Highland Cabinetry Colorado is here as a source for the MOST affordable Ready-To-Build (RTB) Shaker and Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) Frameless style cabinetry lines that contractors can turn to for high-quality cabinets in a fraction of the time other suppliers are acquiring them. There is only one goal in mind: to help business partners grow their businesses through Quicker Material Acquisition and partnership opportunities. Sync up with like-minded companies that are also actively seeking partnerships with other industry leaders to provide sources for other materials and services supporting the residential home renovation and construction industries all across the region. 

Companies like Highland Cabinetry Colorado and others mentioned in this article are here to relieve some of the stress and headaches associated with keeping those projects on time and simultaneously helping grow more NEW business along the way.

Max Shafer is a freelance writer that loves sharing his knowledge and expertise on home improvement projects and materials. He lives in Land O’ Lakes, Florida where he enjoys spending time with his wife and working on projects in his spare time. Max’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource.

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