How to Use Kitchen Cabinets in Other Spaces at Home

August 1, 2022

Cabinets belong in the kitchen. Right? Wrong! Over the last few years, cabinetry has begun spreading throughout the modern home, bringing more style and organization to every room of your home.

Here are our 6 picks for rooms which can benefit the most from installing some new cabinets. 

  1. Kitchen Pantries – Well this first one may be a little obvious and a little redundant. If you have an adjoining storage room in your kitchen, why not optimize your storage space by using cabinets? Cabinets can help ensure that all of your various produce, spices, and other items can be stored safely and securely.
  1. Laundry Rooms – Similarly, maybe you have a small laundry room adjoining your kitchen. These small but vital rooms can often become untidy as they are often not seen by visitors. Using cabinets can increase storage space as you utilize previously unused wall space. 
  1. Porches and Mud-Rooms – tired of tripping over thrown aside footwear or sports equipment? Want to avoid your coats falling off hooks onto the floor? Smart usage of cabinets can transform what is often one of the most neglected rooms of your home to a storage dream. 
  1. Living and Family Rooms – When you are relaxing and watching TV with your loved ones after a hard day’s work, the last thing you want to be thinking about is organizing and tidying. Cabinets can help you ensure that your living room can stay as visually appealing as possible. Whether you need cabinets to store your video game collection, spare cushions and blankets or anything else, cabinets are one of the most space-efficient and visually appealing storage options.
  1. Home Offices – Working from home can be a stressful endeavour at the best of times. This can be made worse if your home office is unorganized and cluttered. Why not make an investment in your own abilities and ensure that you are working in the most optimized environment as possible. 
  1. Basements – Your basement or cellar is one of the most versatile rooms in your home. Whether yours is used as a home gym, a workshop, a wine cellar, a general storage room, or anything else, it is likely that the storage e options would be improved greatly through the use of cabinets. 

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